EM Maxxia RF Pro

Muscle building and fat burning

With Android system, body fat scale and pelvic floor chair cushion

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How does it work?

Myofibrillars loosen
As age increases, Myofbrillars are loose and fragile due to pregnancy, fat accumulation, lack of exercises and other factors. People get fatter and laxer.

Myofibrillar fibers break
The equipment interacts with muscle neurons to induce supra maximal muscle contractions. In the process of continuous muscle kontaktlons, part of the Myo-fibrillar is gradually destroyed to cause self-repair.

Repair of myofibrillars
After treatment, Myofbrillar tends to be strong and tight. The muscles become firm and elastic. It reacts with a deep remodeling of internal structure resulting in muscle building and growth and body shaping.

Before treatment
The muscles are thin and the circumference of the muscle is short. Myofibrillar is loose with little density.

After treatment
The muscle is strong and the circumference of the muscle is long. Myofibrillar is strengthened and increased with great density

Exclusive intelligent system
Auto mode and six treatment modes to meet the needs of different customers and different parts of the body. Meanwhile, for experienced operators, energy, frequency and time can be adjusted according to the type of customers to meet more requirements.

Advantages of body handles
To avoid movement and falling off during the treatment, there are 4 specially designed lengths with coupling for the body handles, which can be selected according to the treatment sites and treatment customers.

Advantages of limb handles
The limb handle has dual output functions of RF and EMS. Either single EMS/RF or EMS+RF can be selected according to different treatment functions/areas/customers. One handle equals two, saving space and costs for customers.

Attachment of handles
Muscle building, fat burning, body slimming, butt lifting, average muscle thickness increased by 16%. The average improvement in rectus abdominis was 11%. Prevention and treatment of stress urinary incontinence. Promote recovery after birth. Increased vaginal wall thickness and lubrication after menopause.

Smart Android-system
Using advanced Android system, HI-BODY MAX2+/HI-BODY MAX1+/HI-BOD PRO2+/HI-BODY PRO1+ is not only a machine that adds muscle, but also supports Internet access, storage and intelligent information processing. Now, in the information age, smart clinics need smarter machines. Smart Clinic is a multifaceted solution that provides a complete picture of your business; whether it is a single clinic or a chain.

Smart clinic data center
13.3-inch Android system guides you through each treatment.
Intelligent selection based on body parts, intelligently generate accurate parameters and treatment time; Single EMS/RF or EMS+RF optional.

User administration
Customer care is smarter. Storage of customer information and treatment records, making the treatment process more efficient.

Body Composition Analyzer
The body composition analyzer connected to the machine via bluetooth can record and analyze varying data before and after treatment, such as weight, muscles, BMI index, obesity levels, etc.

Technical data
Voltage 220V/110V
Electrical power 4500W
RF Power 5M
Output frequency 10-90hz
Pulse duration 250us
Nominal power 2500W
Cooling system Air cooling
Operasjonssystem 13” Andriod-skjerm
Own weight 55 kg
Machine size 44cm*50cm*115cm
Package size 50cm*60cm*123cm
Gross weight 72 kg


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