CO2 Fractional Laser

Co2 treatment

Skin renewal and regeneration
Tattoo removal in all colors
Remove all types of wrinkles
Remove acne and scars
Remove pingment
Treat telangiectasia
Skin renewing
Actenic keratoses
Face life, tighten and whiten the skin
Get your ears pierced
Hydroponic skin, rough skin
Vaginal tightening
ENT treatment

7 sections (for Korea) means that Fractional Laser can ensure the effect of laser accurate treatment.
USA Coherent laser unit, larger and more stable power, longer life.
4 functions: Grid laser mode & pulse laser mode & Private mode & Vulvar treatment.
Air pump system: the air blower pipe blows away the smoke so that the operator's 4 vision improves.
The grid laser mode we originally use galvanometer. It can handle: 5 deep skin of &Blitt-exfoliative &non-exfoliative

Exclusive scan heads for various skin problems. Minimal wounding. Perfect target for the skin problem.

7-joint arm light guide, more convenient operation, less cost. 12 shapes for selected. Support for hand-drawn free graphics

Continuous, super pulse, fractional different operation modes, It is a wider use in clinical splication.

Evaporation, absorption type, that is the gasification. Such as acne scars; stretch marks.

Micro-Exfoliation Lattice Laser

The stratum corneum is intact, and the epidermis layer below it has a gasification.
Such as: tattoo removal.

Non-exfoliating grid laser
Non-vaporized, non-ablative, with microthermal damage, no gas formation.
Such as: interface spot.

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